Strange Contract Agreements In The World Of Football Including Luiz Suarez’s Man Utd Clause

Before a player plays for a club, the player must sign a contract with his new club.

Most often than not, this contract defines the nature of the relationship between the player and the club. How much a player will be paid, performance bonuses and release clauses can usually be found in a player contract.

Release clauses are very common with Spanish teams who use that move as a way to keep rival clubs from their priced players, and need must be, they get good money for the player.

There are also some very strange clauses inserted into player contracts over the years, some of which would have you raise your eyebrows in surprise.

Barcelona inserted a Manchester United clause in Luiz Suarez’s contract when he joined from Liverpool.

The clause prevented Luis Suarez from signing for the Red Devils for free even after his contract with Barcelona expired. Manchester United was not the only club Barcelona did this against, as Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and unsurprisingly Real Madrid also had such a clause against them.

Liverpool inserted a premium payment clause in their sale of Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona.

Liverpool made good money from the Brazilian midfielder’s sale to the Catalan club. Liverpool sold Coutinho for a mouthwatering £142million, and the best part was that a huge part of the money was paid upfront. But to prevent Barcelona from coming back to poach more of their star players, Liverpool inserted a clause in the sale of Coutinho to Barcelona which wouldn’t allow the Catalan club to raid the club again without paying a premium.

Ronaldinho negotiated with AC Milan to allow him to go clubbing weekly.

The life of a footballer takes discipline, and one thing Brazilian footballers are not known for is their discipline. Brazilians are well known for their easy-going nature and their love to party. Their tendency to party normally gets them in trouble with their managers. Ronaldinho approaching the end of his career, took the step to make sure AC Milan would not stop him from partying when he signed for the club. The Brazilian negotiated with the club to allow him to the club twice a week before he agreed to sign with the club.

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