Paul Pogba Placed Under Police Protection After Threats To Player’s Life

Juventus star Paul Pogba has been placed under police protection in Italy due to ongoing investigations into alleged blackmail and threat to the player’s life.

Paul Pogba’s big brother Mathias Pogba is among five men to have been rounded up by the police to be part of a criminal gang that demanded £11.3m from the French international for ‘protection services’.

Reports from the Le Parisien state that a good number of police personnel have been placed under Paul Pogba to provide the former Manchester United player protection as investigations go on into the alleged extortion and threat to his life.

The situation surrounding Paul Pogba and his big brother Mathias first came to the media’s attention when Mathias Pogba threatened on social media to expose Paul Pogba and his French international teammate Kylian Mbappe for who they truly are.

A statement was released on behalf of Paul Pogba addressing the comments of his big brother: “Mathias Pogba’s recent statements on social media are no surprise. They are in addition to threats and group-organised extortion attempts against Paul Pogba.

“The relevant authorities in Italy and France were contacted a month ago, and there will be no further comments in relation to the ongoing investigation.”

Mathias Pogba and four gang members said to be ‘childhood friends’ of Paul Pogba were taken into police custody for questioning. Mathias is said to have voluntarily handed himself over to the police.

Paul Pogba has been sidelined on the pitch after picking up an injury which puts dreams of playing for France at the World Cup in Qatar in jeopardy.

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